Pinterest’s HQ is the Arts and Crafts Hub You’d Expect it to be.

Located in San Francisco’s tech-heavy SOMA district, Pinterest’s 45,000-square-foot warehouse office accommodates over 250 employees and is bursting with the quirky creative arts & crafts ideas that make it a really unique home and bang on brand. Take a look around…

Five Minutes With: Andy Selway The People Person

Taking five minutes out of his busy day Guru caught up with Andy Selway (HR Expert and all round nice guy) who enlightened us on some crazy Christmas party disasters, house cleaning allowances and a whole lot more…

Competition: Nominate Your Favourite Social Media Content And Win An iPad

Here’s a competition that would even put a smile on Grumpy Cat’s face. Send us your favourite social media update from 2014 and you could win the first prize of an iPad Air, plus other runners-up / voter prizes such as iTunes Vouchers or bottles and festive cheer.

Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch is the Ultimate Breakfast Meeting Venue

Offering a breakfast cuisine like no other, say hello to Britain’s first Cereal Cafe, serving over 100 varieties of cereal from all over the world, from America to South Korea (and beyond).

Employee Training Doesn’t Get More 80′s Than This Wendy’s Video

In this amazing 1980′s Training Video from Wendy’s, staff are taught how to serve the perfect meals. Now kids, make sure you fill the chili to a half inch from the top of the bowl and remember, chilli can be served with cheese…

“The Isolator” An Invention From 1925 Designed To Improve Work Productivity

It may look like an early Oculus Rift prototype, however “the Isolator” is a unique productivity device invented by the science fiction pioneer Hugo Gernsbeck.

The World’s Tallest Bike Is One Crazy Commuting Machine

Meet Richie Trimble, a thrill seeking cycling fanatic, whose regular average Joe bike rides quickly turned into a game of who could build bigger and better bicycles.

ThinkPARALLAX Gives Employees £1000 To Travel The World

As a way of inspiring creativity amongst its employees, Californian based creative agency, ThinkPARALLAX hands out nearly £1000 to each of its staff and tells them to travel the world!

Eventbrite’s New HQ has Nooks, Hammocks & Zen-like Rooms

From the 6th and 7th floors of a rather unassuming, downtown, San Francisco office block is the new Eventbrite HQ, and oh, what a delight!

17 Awesome Examples of Creative CVs / Resumes

It seems that the humble 2 page word document just doesn’t cut it for those creative jobs anymore, standing out from the crowd is a must for those that want to bag the best opportunities. We have raided the Guru archives and found these amazing examples of highly creative candidates who have gone above and beyond the standard word doc.

How Do Top Companies Keep Their Talent? Awesome Workplace Incentives – #Infographic

From on-site laundry services to made-to-order sushi, these top companies offer their staff some serious perks.  If you run your own company or manage the HR for one, this neat little infographic covering Workplace Incentives is sure to offer you up some inspiration for your next employee benefits review.

Epic Anna is One High Flying Intern!

We love a good Intern story (Internships Silicon Valley Style, TBWA Analyse Intern Brainwaves, Alec Dudson) which is why Alphatise and the skydiving antics of Anna Bezuglova really caught our eye.

Junior Designers vs Senior Designers

When she is not heading up the product design team at Facebook, Julie Zhuo is producing brilliant little sketches like these ones…

Jack Ma Sings ‘Lion King’ Theme to a Stadium full of Employees

Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company, has a unique motivational style. Check out this unbelievable video of Jack singing Lion King songs in full rock paraphernalia to a stadium of 16,000 employees. An early Alibaba employee recounts this bizarre experience.

MoodHacker – An App That Wants To Create Happier Workplaces

Depression is one of the leading causes of workplace absenteeism, estimating to cause 200 million lost workdays each year at a cost of ¬£billions to employers. Moodhacker is a health app designed for companies to improve the wellbeing of their staff by giving employees stress-relieving tips at exactly the right moments…

These Microsoft Recruitment Videos From 2008 Are Incredible…

Found in the archives, these two recruitment videos from Microsoft’s talent attraction vaults are absolute gold. Possibly the most bizarre and least effective HR tools we’ve ever seen, Microsoft had these videos commissioned to stop the exodus of brilliant talent flocking in droves to seemingly more cooler companies.

Inside Adobe’s Slick New San Francisco Digs…

Known for their awesome offices (check out their Utah campus), Adobe have created 44,000 sq ft of sheer modern office delight in downtown San Francisco…

Traits of the best UX + UI Designers

Over the years Daniel de la Cruz (Co Founder @ ChangeLab23) has worked with 100s of Designers. He tells us why there is a re-occurring pattern of good traits in those Designers who are true masters of their work…

The Lifespan of an Active Jobseeker (infographic)

Using feedback from over 1000 UK professionals within the Marketing, Creative, Development & Account Management sectors we created the “Lifespan of an Active Jobseeker”.

Timeful App Schedules Your Work Day For You

Designed to boost your daily productivity, Timeful App scans your calendars, learns your behaviour and then makes smart suggestions which help you complete your to-do lists in super efficient style.

Breaking In: 100 Interviews With Top Creatives On Landing That Dream Job

Breaking In is a unique collection of interviews from over 100 movers and shakers from within the creative industry. Compiled by the acclaimed Product Designer Amina Horozińá this book offers up a useful resource for Designers looking to build that killer portfolio to land their dream job.

TMZ’s Office in LA is the Bomb

Inspired by the celebrity gossip they promote, TMZ’s brand new workspace is a 9,000 sqft newsroom that looks like an edgy, industrial warehouse.

The Death of the Office? Hmmmm, no. (Infographic)

Yep, technology means I can reply to clients when I’m awake at 3am or write blogs like this from my lounge, but the death of the ACTUAL office. Hmmmm, no.

Ben Cogger Joins Guru…

We are delighted to welcome Ben Cogger to the team.  Ben joins us with a wealth of experience gained from over a decade in the recruitment advertising industry (2 national newspapers and 5 leading job boards РTotal Jobs, Reed, Creativepool, Fish4Jobs and Only Marketing Jobs).

Great #Infographic from @lilytidhar

Great #Infographic from @lilytidhar – The best and worst paying jobs in design…

The Rise and Fall of the Courtroom Sketch Artist

Gary Myrick was once the go-to Sketch Artist for TV stations, where millions of people would view his work which spanned high profile cases on serial killers, famous politicians, professional athletes, international arms dealers and more. This 7-minute film features the rise and fall of Gary Myrick and the Courtroom Sketch Artist profession as a whole.