Swift Developers Are A Bunch Of Bearded Hipsters

There are a lot of stereotypes in the programming community. “Swift is used by a bunch of bearded hipsters.” “C++ is for old people.” “No one likes coding in Java.” Well it turns out that some of these might be true…

Idris Elba Asks Grown-Ups “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up”

Seasoned TV and Film hard man Idris Elba shows off his soft side in this heart warming campaign for the beverage brand Purdey’s.

This Chap Quit His Job To Kayak The Med With His Dog (For 3 Years)

Leaving his job in search of adventure, Sergi Basoli has spent the past three years kayaking the Mediterranean coastline. Finding Nirvana, aka “Sailor Dog”, on his travels through Sardinia, Sergi now has a friendly companion on tow to share his adventure.

This New Tool Removes Unconscious Bias From The Interview Process

With the aim to improve technical interviews, is an online platform (currently in private-beta) which anonymises the interview process – even voices are masked.

Village Greens to Reading Nooks, Airbnb Have New Offices in London, Sao Paulo and Singapore

Airbnb are known for their amazing workspaces, in San Francisco their office has a Bear and a War room and in Portland they have designed a beautiful, cosy retreat!  Outside the US they have created some pretty quirky and inspiring spaces too, check out London, Sao Paulo and Singapore…

How to Work Better: A New York Mural

Based on the corner of East Houston Street and Mott Street the Guggenheim have collaborated with the Public Art Fund, artist Peter Fischli, and Guggenheim curators Nancy Spector and Nat Trotman, to create this awesome 50 foot tall inspiration.

Graduates – Here’s some quick tips to landing your dream job!

Robert Stone, Head of Talent at McCann Worldgroup, explains the trials and tribulations of his graduate experiences and shares advice for those just starting out on the career ladder…

7 Ways To Grab Yourself The Best Graduate

As the graduate hiring market starts to hot up, we’ve put together these 7 pointers to make sure you’re well prepared for this year’s seasonal hiring rush…

Occupations Ranked by Creepiness

As part of a recent scientific study to define creepiness, psychology experts Francis McAndrew and Sara Koehnke have produced a unique league table of occupations ranked by creepiness…

A Beautiful And Diverse Snapshot Of Those Who Work In Tech

Techie turned freelance photographer, Helena Price has put together “Techies” a beautiful portrait project to highlight diversity within the tech industry.

Get Paid To Drink Beer And Travel The World

The US firm, World of Beers, have a marketing intern opportunity like no other, they are inviting a team of 3 beer lovers to sample craft beers from around the globe.

A 1984 Video Guide To Sending Emails.

Found in the Thames TV archives, this 1984 video from the popular tech TV programme “Database” highlights just how difficult it was to send an email 32 years ago and is fascinating insight into early email.

Welcome to the Candidate Assessment Safari

Who needs to go on an expensive and potentially dangerous safari in the far flung reaches of Kenya or Zambia when you can see the many wonders of the animal kingdom in an everyday assessment centre?

The Perfect Brew For Hard-working Coders

Targeted at hard-working coders, <dev.Coffee/> is a super high-caffeine organic coffee which is designed specifically for programmers who love to burn the midnight oil.

A Frank And Honest Look At Diversity

It’s no great secret that topics slide in and out of vogue very frequently in business. Diversity however has been on the status quo for a good few years. Andrea Bowman explains…

Workplace Trends for 2016

Collated by the Brighton School of Business and Management, this neat little infographic gives us some interesting workplace insight for the year ahead.  Such as…

The Worst Job in Town

In a bid to hire a brilliant Digital Producer, one digital agency in Australia has taken a unique approach, by telling it like it is.. “the worst job in town,” in an “office that looks terrible” with staff “that don’t wash,” and “paying below market” value…

David Darling Talks Codemasters, Kwalee & Talent Retention

Known for co-founding Codemasters, with his brother Richard, David Darling has a long succession of top ten games spanning more than 30 years! Now founder and CEO of smartphone app developer and publisher Kwalee, David calls upon past experiences to give us his insight on how he retains his best talent…

This Amazing Advice Will Instantly Make You Want To Quit Your Job

Produced for National Geographic “What Would You Do If Money Didn’t Matter” is an inspiring short film by Tragedy & Hope Productions set against the late philosopher, Alan Watts’s, poignant speech on why money shouldn’t matter when pursuing passion.

Interview Advice For Employers… How To Be A Good Interviewer in 9 Simple Steps

A prepared and well-structured interview goes a long way towards engaging and securing the best talent. Mastering this crucial management skill is not an easy thing to do, so we have put together these 9 pointers to help you become expert interviewers…

See How Professionals React At Being Asked To Work For Free

Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property.  So why should anyone in the creative industry work for free or “on spec”?  Creative Agency Zulu Alpha Kilo pokes fun at the speculative bidding process highlighting this point perfectly…

4 December Hiring Myths Everyone Thinks Are True

These December hiring myth-busters will ensure you don’t get sucked into the misconception that if the reindeers and roasted chestnuts are out the candidates aren’t.

Google’s Newest Co-Working Space Is A Converted Battery Factory

Following up on previous “Campus” successes (which all started in London) Google have launched a new addition in a gloriously converted battery factory in Madrid. For those unfamiliar with Campus, it is a shared workplace initiative aimed at promoting collaboration and idea generation amongst entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Tick These 6 boxes To Get Your CV Noticed By A CTO

Making your CV stand out is a tall order, sure a great CV helps (12 Brilliant CV Designs You’ll Want To Steal) but your approach and CV content is important too. We caught up with Matt Young, CTO and Director of Geonomics to hear his first hand advice on how to catch his attention…

Work Life Miniaturised

Derrick Lin, Adland Brand Strategist by day, miniature workday remodeller by night. Using his amazing imagination and the help from his tiny figures, Derrick recreates his workday in an ironic and humorous way. Check out his creations…

4 Reasons Why An Office Dog Will Transform Your Workplace

Pets can improve our lives and overall health so why wouldn’t we want them in the workplace… We caught up with Heather Baker, Founder / CEO of TopLine Comms and proud office dog owner.

Empty Desk Syndrome – The End of Head Office is Nigh?

During my summer holiday I spent a few weeks travelling around the Pacific Northwest. Something that struck me on that trip was the sheer number of Macbook-sporting workers inside every Starbucks I went into.

Adventurous Couple Quit Their Jobs And Sail The World With Their Cat

In 2011, Matt and Jessica Johnson sold their house, quit their jobs, and departed for an open-ended journey with Georgie, their cat. Still going strong they’ve visited more than 16 countries including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, and Peru!