Tick These 6 boxes To Get Your CV Noticed By A CTO

Making your CV stand out is a tall order, sure a great CV helps (12 Brilliant CV Designs You’ll Want To Steal) but your approach and CV content is important too. We caught up with Matt Young, CTO and Director of Geonomics to hear his first hand advice on how to catch his attention…

Work Life Miniaturised

Derrick Lin, Adland Brand Strategist by day, miniature workday remodeller by night. Using his amazing imagination and the help from his tiny figures, Derrick recreates his workday in an ironic and humorous way. Check out his creations…

4 Reasons Why An Office Dog Will Transform Your Workplace

Pets can improve our lives and overall health so why wouldn’t we want them in the workplace… We caught up with Heather Baker, Founder / CEO of TopLine Comms and proud office dog owner.

Empty Desk Syndrome – The End of Head Office is Nigh?

During my summer holiday I spent a few weeks travelling around the Pacific Northwest. Something that struck me on that trip was the sheer number of Macbook-sporting workers inside every Starbucks I went into.

Adventurous Couple Quit Their Jobs And Sail The World With Their Cat

In 2011, Matt and Jessica Johnson sold their house, quit their jobs, and departed for an open-ended journey with Georgie, their cat. Still going strong they’ve visited more than 16 countries including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, and Peru!

This Airbnb Holiday Home Comes With A Free Bookshop Job

Nestled into the pristine lowlands, “The Open Book” is a charming bookshop and holiday home set in the heart of Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town. Here you can live your dream of having your very own bookshop by the sea in Scotland…for a week or two.

“The Saily Commute” – Travel The High Seas While You Work

CoBoat is a unique working environment for entrepreneurs and digital nomads! Sailing the high seas on an 82ft Catamaran, this is unlike any other co-working space you have ever seen before…

12 Brilliant CV Designs That You’ll Want To Steal…

Give your humble CV a makeover! These brilliant CV / RĂ©sumĂ© examples are pure inspiration for those who are a bit handy with MS Word and PhotoShop…

Women Workers in North Korea

Discover this unexpected series of North Korean women workers taken by Reuters. Despite difficult work conditions, Reuters photographers have captured beauty and emotions of these active women, regardless of the type of employment.

A Posh Ski Retreat Or A Private Equity Firm’s New Office?

Complete with an open fire, outdoor grilling area, communal areas and a massive kitchen table, Atlas Holdings have converted an old barn into a warm and luxurious, trendy office not typically found in the finance sector.

A Web Developer Walks into a Bar…

A junior developer panicked when he realised he didn’t know how to initiate a secure shell session to a remote machine. As he became more upset and his voice grew louder, his boss — the senior developer — took notice and tried to quiet him down. With his finger pressed to the young developers lips, the senior developer calmly whispered, “SSH.”

Jobs in F1 – Inside: Force India

What’s it like to work for a Formula One team? We caught up with Force India and took an amazing tour of their offices to find out…

Happy Birthday Windows ’95

It’s no secret, we love a cringeworthy video tutorial (Wendy’s Training Video / Microsoft Recruiting). So, in celebration of Windows ’95 turning 20 this year we dusted down the VHS recorder to play this instructional masterpiece starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

Guru Careers – What We’ve Learnt From Our Australian Cricketer Viral

In line with Australia’s batting collapse in the Ashes Guru Careers published a spoof job advert for Cricketers to join their first XI “due to current underperforming talent”. Inviting applications from Aussies with “a big ego”, “a knack for sledging” and the ability to “spend long stints in the field” we were truly amazed by the public reaction…

Icefall Doctor – Is this the Most Dangerous Job in the World?

In the heart of the Himalaya lies our planet’s most famous wonder, and perhaps its most extreme, Mount Everest. Working amongst dangers such as avalanches, low oxygen levels, sub zero temperatures, earthquakes and hurricane force winds are the Icefall Doctors, whose job is to rope a secure route through the Khumbu, a lethal maze of crevasses.

5 Myths About Summer Hiring Everyone Thinks Are True

These summer hiring myth-busters will ensure you don’t get sucked into the misconception that if the sun’s out the candidates aren’t.

Jeff Scardino and his amazing Non-CV

We love featuring cool CVs, you might have seen – 13 Slick and Highly Professional CV Templates – Stumbling across Jeff Scardino, his amazing non-CV takes a different approach, catching attention by detailing all his failures…

LinkedIn’s Amazing New Empire State Office has a Doorway to a Secret Bar

Located on the 28th floor of the iconic Empire State Building, LinkedIn’s amazing new sales office has a fitness room, informal lounges, billiard tables, a secret bar and not to mention the most amazing views of Manhattan!

How To Hack Your Hiring For Growth

More organisations are planning to hire today than during the pre-recession boom of the mid-2000s, competition for the best industry talent is tough! Holly Potter gives us her first hand insight into how Bozboz (a thriving creative agency on the South Coast) hack their hiring…

The University of Cambridge is Hiring for a LEGO Professor

Remember that time as a kid you built the Millennium Falcon out of LEGO, well as it turns out those endless nights intricately putting it together piece by piece could have been your apprenticeship to one of the best jobs in the world! A LEGO Professor!

Your Global HR Director Knows When You Are In The Loo…

Imagine if your employer could listen in to conversations, detect moods by monitoring the tone of your voice, know how many times you visited the loo in a day, and, how long you spent in there!

A Perfect Snapshot of 1980s Commuting in London

Images of van drivers, traffic jams and seemingly mundane bus journeys in London wouldn’t normally be news worth talking about. However, these endearing and enticing photographs taken by Chris Dorley-Brown provides a wonderful snapshot of the forgotten aspects of everyday ’80s life.

Retaining Employees Through Trust, Communication and Culture

For too long, managers and human resources professionals have approached the issue of employee retention with the question, “How do we make people stay?” While it is a valid question, it is far too simple for approaching the complex reasons that top employees choose to stay with a company and has resulted in far too simplistic solutions that rely on piling on individual material perks instead of fostering business cultures that address employees’ less tangible but far more deeply felt needs.

13 Slick and Highly Professional CV Templates.

A year on from (17 Awesome Examples of Creative CVs), we thought we’d feature some uber-professional ones, including some you can actually download for yourself!

Candy Crush has a new “King-dom”, and it’s awesome!

Pooling inspiration from the cartoon games they produce, King (the people behind the popular video game Candy Crush Saga), have refurbished their Stockholm office creating a wonker-esque office of delights which includes trampoline seats, carousel dining tables and cosy nooks.

Chinese billionaire takes over 6,400 employees on holiday to France (costing ÂŁ24m)

A Chinese billionaire has taken half of his company’s 12,000 staff to France, The mass trip to Nice was organised to mark 20 years of the Tiens business conglomerate which operates in a variety of sectors from biotech to tourism.

Casual Dress Codes are Great, No Dress Codes are a Disaster

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!” is advice that many have heard time and again, often by mentors and parents, to encourage dressing up for the workplace. Read these guiding principles for the casual office…

Architects: Redesign The World’s Most Remote Island Village

We all want to “get away from it all” from time-to-time but for 1 lucky Architect this wish will come true with a once in a lifetime opportunity to redesign the world’s most remote island village, the British ruled Tristan da Cunha.