Want to work in the Film Industry?

Anyone who’s spent a day in Hollywood knows how nauseating, desperate, frustrating, and (in rare cases) incredibly rewarding a job in the entertainment industry can be. Even those savvy enough to parlay a one-night stand with Harvey Weinstein’s niece’s best friend into a wardrobe assistant gig at Miramax must endure the pettiness and egomania that define the worst this business has to offer. Most people give up. But you’re not “most people,” are you?

Street Craftsmen

Caught on camera by Designer Tom Williams early one morning in London, these Street Craftsmen (road painters) show off their typography skills by hand painting the words “Bus Stop” without a stencil in sight.

Google’s Amsterdam Office Has Waffles, Bikes and a Caravan

Inspired by the garage from which Larry Page and Sergey Brin first launched Google, their newly refurbished Amsterdam headquarters comes complete with a meditation room, a carrier cycle reception desk and a 70 seat auditorium.  Not sure if Larry and Serge kept these next to the sprocket set!

Five Minutes With: Hollywood Actor Robin Kermode

We caught up with Robin Kermode, Hollywood actor and one of Europe’s top communication coaches. Appearing in productions as diverse as “The Iron Lady” to “Men Behaving Badly”, Robin has 30 years experience as an actor both on TV and the stage, however it’s Robin’s off-screen career that grabs the most attention from training auctioneers at Christies to helping politicians with public speeches.

Watch Out LinkedIn, Somewhere Is Going To Visualise Your Nine-to-Five

Innovation in recruitment is nothing new these days, whether it’s social hiring, employee engagement or online recruitment advertising there is always a great idea around the corner.  Now, out of Germany comes Somewhere, an investor backed social network for sharing the more visual things you do at work.  Think of Pinterest but for your everyday nine-to-five.

This Beautiful Employee Organisational Chart is 160 Years Old

Tasked with reducing train wrecks and delays across the New York & Erie Railroad, Daniel McCallum was given the responsibility to shake up management structures to improve safety and efficiency on the railways.

Want to work for a global ad agency? We are seeking a SAM / Senior Account Manager in #Cheshire…

Want to work for a global ad agency? We are seeking a SAM / Senior Account Manager in #Cheshire…

It’s not a half-pipe. It’s an awesome desk.

Clive Wilkinson Architects work on some pretty awesome office design projects, JWT’s global headquarters in New York and Fox Head Inc’s “futuristic bike helmet” are just a couple of brilliant examples. Next up, The Barbarian Group Offices and they do not disappoint…

Career Automation: Can A Computer Do Your Job?

Gareth Cartman, Director of Digital Marketing at Clever Little Design, shares his thoughts on career automation and if a computer could actually do your job…

Dropbox’s Quirky Interview Questions

So you work in the HR team at Dropbox, a tech giant with 200 million users a $10 billion valuation and an enviable new office on the horizon, you open the door to the interview room, pass the pleasantries then ask your first interview question: What superpower would you give your best friend?

How Caterham F1 Are Helping Injured Military Personnel Back To Work

It can be a long and hard road for military personnel affected by trauma to recover and get back into work.  Teaming up with the motorsport charity “Mission MotorsportCaterham F1 tell us about their work placement initiative designed to do exactly that…

Five Minutes With: Expedia’s Senior EMEA Recruiter

With past experience working for Microsoft, Cisco and VMWare Margaret Buj knows a thing or two when it comes to recruiting high-demand candidates in the tech / e-commerce space.  Taking five minutes out of her busy day we caught up with Margaret to discuss interviewing advice for employers and life in her current role as the Senior EMEA Recruiter at Expedia.

Fixed vs Growth – The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Us And Our Careers

For more than three decades of research, Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University has been figuring out answers to why some people achieve their potential while equally talented others don’t.

Employees Encouraged To Chase Thrills At Fox Head Inc’s New HQ

Based on the outskirts of LA in Irvine, CA. Action Sports apparel giants Fox Head Inc teamed up with Clive Wilkinson Architects to convert an 82,000 sq ft warehouse into an open, creative environment where employees can “chase thrills” with a selection of outdoor dirt tracks.

Millennials – The Idea Generation

Millennials, the newest generation in the workforce, are causing quite the stir when it comes to opinions and dynamics in business, causing many to take notice and make a shift. The generation wants more than just money; their job satisfaction comes primarily from their company’s purpose, specifically innovation and positive societal impact.

From techie to tie: Making the step from a technical to a managerial role.

We caught up with James Hull, Product Manager at Science Warehouse, as he shares his first hand experience on making the transition into Senior Management from a technical role…

1 in 4 young people in Europe are out of work. Rory Field from Guru’s Client Services Team talks with @CNNMoney

1 in 4 young people in Europe are out of work. Rory Field from Guru’s Client Services Team talks with @CNNMoney

Airbnb’s Quirky New San Francisco HQ (complete with a war room and a bear)

From treehouses and boats to beach bungalows and French Villas the Holiday rental startup, Airbnb, have drawn inspiration from their coolest listings to create a stunning quirky yet homely office to house it’s 200 employees.

Printed To Perfection – The Computer Arts Salary Survey

Designed by Andrew Gibbs and featuring a special scratch card effect, the latest Computer Arts issue offers up everything Designers need to know about earnings in the design world.

Fired up for a career in Design

Using Kickstarter to showcase his talents in modelling and product design, Alex Shpetniy, a design student from Lugansk (Ukraine), has built the ultimate in office gadgets, a rubber band machine gun!

The Ox – Eric Hollenbeck a Master Craftsman at Work…

Filmmaker Ben Proudfoot has produced this beautiful cinematic documentary featuring Master Craftsmen Eric Hollenbeck and his approach to work.

Red Bull Daily Grind

The Red Bull Daily Grind is not your average 9 to 5! Converting the 23rd floor of a downtown Chicago office block into a unique Skatepark, the Red Bull Skate team reported for work.

Hot Wheels Design Studio

Is it any surprise that the design offices of Mattel’s Hot Wheels division are stocked full of actual vehicle designers? After all, why spend a year of your life working on perfecting a Mondeo bumper when you can churn out countless hot rods, dragsters, and supercars?

Four-fifths of firms expecting to open up roles to young people in 2014 according to the CBI survey…

Four-fifths of firms expecting to open up roles to young people in 2014 according to the CBI survey… #HR

Reward Staff With Craft Beers Delivered to Your Office Every Friday

Deskbeers is a fab new beer delivery service that provides the perfect transition between Friday afternoons at work and the weekend. We have explored the benefits of working drunk previously so maybe there’s something in this?

Adidas’s Latest Employer Branding Video – Make Greatness Happen

Its hard work inventing the future of sport! Adidas deliver a powerful message through this well crafted employer branding video…

Guru Careers Partners with Net Natives.

Exciting news! Guru Careers are delighted to announce a partnership with Net Natives that means we will be taking over all Flat Fee Recruitment activity from Net Natives with immediate effect.

Intern Magazine – Issue One

Back in July we featured Intern Magazine, a project by Alec Dudson that looked to secure ÂŁ5,500 on Kickstarter to fund the first issue of intern, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the incredible unpaid creative talent available from around the globe. Now, having raised ÂŁ7115 on the crowdfunding website, Guru Careers caught up with Alec to see how he’s been getting along…