The Rise and Fall of the Courtroom Sketch Artist

Gary Myrick was once the go-to Sketch Artist for TV stations, where millions of people would view his work which spanned high profile cases on serial killers, famous politicians, professional athletes, international arms dealers and more. This 7-minute film features the rise and fall of Gary Myrick and the Courtroom Sketch Artist profession as a whole.

Inside Wieden+Kennedy Office

Designed by WORK Architecture Company (WORKac) the New York office for Wieden + Kennedy is a spacious haven for ad agency staff. Centered around an amazing circular staircase which looks as if it has just fallen down from the floor above, the 50,000 m² W+K office space, is a light and airy delight offering open plan, collaborative working around every corner.

A London Bus Stop Made Completely From Lego

London’s latest transport project is not what you might think. Using over 100,000 LEGO bricks and taking two weeks to complete, Tfl collaborated with LEGO and Trueform to build a London Bus Stop made entirely out of LEGO.

Shuffl World Cup Office Sweepstake Generator

Forget pulling pencil written names out the office biscuit tin for the World Cup sweepstake, Creative Agency Marmalade on Toast have combined their expert digital knowledge with their passion for sport and produced Shuffl.

Office Design Perfection Bottled at Coca Cola’s New London HQ

Greeting visitors at the entrance to No. 1 Wimpole Street, WC1 is a hand painted signage artwork by Acrylicize that’s just one of many indications that you’re stepping into the new home of Coca-Cola UK.

Creative Grads For Sale on eBay. Free Postage & Packaging.

Fresh out of Lincoln University, Creative Graduates Natalie and Lucy have put their services up for sale on eBay. With Grad roles at Guru Careers typically receiving over 500 applications per vacancy, this type of approach is just what’s needed for budding hopefuls to stand out.

Disneyland Employ 16 Children To Create An Amazing New Castle in Paris

With their endless amounts of imagination, can you think of anyone better than children to create a fantastical Disneyland castle?

Remember that chap who developed your holiday snaps?

Remember the clerk at the local video store, or the person who used to develop your holiday snaps? Put together by Lapham’s Quarterly, Working Revolutions is a neat little grid matrix highlighting career automation over the past 200+ years…

The Most Useful Job Searching Tool On The Web

This uber-helpful website will help you overcome the challenges of searching for a job.

Warner Music Group Are Being Sued by 3,000 Former Interns

The Warner Music Group are facing a major lawsuit at the hands of 3,000 former interns. Sparked last year by ex-intern Kyle Grant, the lawsuit alleges that Warner routinely abused interns by having them mainly carry out basic tasks such as fetching coffee and grabbing lunch for the paid employees.

Kickstarter’s New HQ has a Distinctly Vintage Feel

Renovated from an old pencil factory, we sneak inside the crowdfunding site Kickstarter’s new 29,000 SQFT NYC HQ.

The world’s most dangerous job is made to look like quite a laugh by Corey Arnold

Spending the last 7 years aboard the f/v Rollo, Photographer Corey Arnold battled gargantuan 40 foot seas, a marathon of sleepless nights and sub-zero temperatures rustling King crab and octopus from Alaska’s Bering Sea. Deckhand is up there as one of the most dangerous professions in the world, but as these pictures show, Fisherman know how to have a good laugh…

The CATable is the Ultimate Workspace for Cat Lovers

If your office has a cat then you’ll be fully aware of how much attention they can crave. Whether it is tummy rubs or chin scratches, they just won’t leave you alone while you’re busy with the computer. Well, Hong Kong-based designer Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture has the answer, CATable, a desk designed as a playground for cats.

Our Google+ page is running shamefully low on followers, help us out…Google+

Our Google+ page is running shamefully low on followers, help us out… Google+

Font Men

You may not have heard of Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones but you’ve seen their work. Before their recent split, they collectively ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

Daily Advice For A Creative Life

The beautiful typography, calligraphy and illustration work of Gui Menga caught our eye this week through his brilliant personal project “Daily advice for a creative life”…

Want to work in the Film Industry?

Anyone who’s spent a day in Hollywood knows how nauseating, desperate, frustrating, and (in rare cases) incredibly rewarding a job in the entertainment industry can be. Even those savvy enough to parlay a one-night stand with Harvey Weinstein’s niece’s best friend into a wardrobe assistant gig at Miramax must endure the pettiness and egomania that define the worst this business has to offer. Most people give up. But you’re not “most people,” are you?

Street Craftsmen

Caught on camera by Designer Tom Williams early one morning in London, these Street Craftsmen (road painters) show off their typography skills by hand painting the words “Bus Stop” without a stencil in sight.

Google’s Amsterdam Office Has Waffles, Bikes and a Caravan

Inspired by the garage from which Larry Page and Sergey Brin first launched Google, their newly refurbished Amsterdam headquarters comes complete with a meditation room, a carrier cycle reception desk and a 70 seat auditorium.  Not sure if Larry and Serge kept these next to the sprocket set!

Five Minutes With: Hollywood Actor Robin Kermode

We caught up with Robin Kermode, Hollywood actor and one of Europe’s top communication coaches. Appearing in productions as diverse as “The Iron Lady” to “Men Behaving Badly”, Robin has 30 years experience as an actor both on TV and the stage, however it’s Robin’s off-screen career that grabs the most attention from training auctioneers at Christies to helping politicians with public speeches.

Watch Out LinkedIn, Somewhere Is Going To Visualise Your Nine-to-Five

Innovation in recruitment is nothing new these days, whether it’s social hiring, employee engagement or online recruitment advertising there is always a great idea around the corner.  Now, out of Germany comes Somewhere, an investor backed social network for sharing the more visual things you do at work.  Think of Pinterest but for your everyday nine-to-five.

This Beautiful Employee Organisational Chart is 160 Years Old

Tasked with reducing train wrecks and delays across the New York & Erie Railroad, Daniel McCallum was given the responsibility to shake up management structures to improve safety and efficiency on the railways.

Want to work for a global ad agency? We are seeking a SAM / Senior Account Manager in #Cheshire…

Want to work for a global ad agency? We are seeking a SAM / Senior Account Manager in #Cheshire…

It’s not a half-pipe. It’s an awesome desk.

Clive Wilkinson Architects work on some pretty awesome office design projects, JWT’s global headquarters in New York and Fox Head Inc’s “futuristic bike helmet” are just a couple of brilliant examples. Next up, The Barbarian Group Offices and they do not disappoint…

Career Automation: Can A Computer Do Your Job?

Gareth Cartman, Director of Digital Marketing at Clever Little Design, shares his thoughts on career automation and if a computer could actually do your job…

Dropbox’s Quirky Interview Questions

So you work in the HR team at Dropbox, a tech giant with 200 million users a $10 billion valuation and an enviable new office on the horizon, you open the door to the interview room, pass the pleasantries then ask your first interview question: What superpower would you give your best friend?